17. Running in the circle of the sun


A very important motif on Persian coins is the “Persian king running” armed with spear and bow[1]. A running god is also seen on the cloak of an Assyrian king above[2].

Frankfort thinks that the central running figure is chained, but it is the symbol of the snake coil that surrounds his feet and legs. A Syrian seal shows the hunter, his sister and a naked man running with the sun and a snake-coil on his breast[3].


 Ausstellungskat. Der Univ. Tübingen, nr. 11, Der Rollsiegel, p.53.


A similar running person can be seen on a coin from Melos[4] also running on a kind of entwined structure. A seal from Bet Shan[5] shows a man running in the so-called “Knielauf”. He is seen running in a route marked out by a similar structure: the stylised snake-coil. He has the tree of life in his hand.

Punic god from the temple in Pyrgi.

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