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Part 1: El and Baal, the Shepherd and the Hunter


1. From a town existing 6000 B.C.

2. South Arabian fairytales

3. The snake, the egg and the sun-bird

4. The Bull of Heaven

5. An Egyptian tale about "the two brothers"

6. The Nabataean Tammuz

7. The pantherskin & Lycourgos

8. Early Indo-Iranian cults

9. The Gilgamesh epos

10. Man into animal

11. Serving the dark side

12. Sandan

13. A common prehistoric religion

14. The same prehistoric religion in Egypt

15. Ugarit: Baal as hunter

                  Baal coming to Rome

16. Tell Halaf: a North Syrian temple

17. Further aspects of the cult of the hunter: carnival, chaos-time, bonfire

18. Mabbug/Hierapolis

                  The Uraeus-snake

19. Gaza & Hippolyt

20. Eshmun and the snake-symbol

21. Byblos:  The marzeah

Resheph. The god with a lions face

Eros and Pothos

Born by incest

An old holy weapon carried by El Cronos of Byblos

Other Woodcutters and the axe of Resheph

Lebanon as the Garden of God & the Woodcutter

22. Harran: the god of the left hand

23. Adonis

24. Song of Songs

25. Christian mysticism

26. Summary

27. The vision of ultimate reality

28. God the Highest and God the King

29. The God of Life

30. The coiling (Leviathan)



Part 2: The sun hero


1. Tyre


                  The Hanno expedition

2. Moses and Mt.Sinai

                  The shepherd and the seven sisters

                  The shepherd and the three girls

                  The child exposed to the river or the wilderness

3. Petra and the two tablets inscribed with the world order

4. Circling around

5. The birth of the Child

6. Abraham

7. Baalbek-Heliopolis

8. The Europa-Sara-motif



                 Xenophon: Efesiaca

                 Apollonios of Tyre

                 The woman liberated from a demon  

                 The woman liberated from herself or a tower

                 The struggles of the blessed in Estrangement

9. �To the victorious�

10. Jerusalem

                 The visions of Zechariah


                 Jakin & Boaz

11. The primordial twins

12. The old God and the young Hero

13. God as old as time

14. The Syrian cavalier god

15. Palmyra

16. Dura Europos

17. Running in the circle of the sun

18. Riding the bull

19. Odysseus and Telemachos

                The first to sail the sea

20. Alexander the Great

21. The Cherubim

22. The Great Year

23. The Kingship of heaven

                Abraham, four kings, five kings and king Sedeq

24. Summary

25. Later developments


26. Roman mythology

27. Nordic mythology

                 A Nordic Yoga master

                 An interpretation of the Golden Horns

28. The Harappa culture

                 Indian myth. Indra



29. A Near Eastern parallel to the atman-brahman motif

30. The bringer of the water of life



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